The Green Way to Delectable Dining

How would you feed more than 40,000 people a day, on a campus that spans more than 500 acres, 90 different dining locations, with food that is healthful, delicious, and sourced locally while also employing the most sustainable business practices possible? And while you're at it, what about limiting your carbon footprint and sending nearly zero waste to the local landfills? It's no small feat, but Microsoft is doing it every day at campus in Redmond, Washington. Join Mark Freeman, Sr. Manager Global Dining Services at Microsoft as he discusses the challenges and solutions to feeding a small city of techies daily, while staying true to Microsoft's mission to minimize its environmental impact. Innovative and resourceful Microsoft is growing their own food right on campus with indoor "farmlands" for the ultimate in locally-sourced foods, purchasing from local farms, and integrated it’s delicious from-scratch cooking Ingredient Revolution program. In this fascinating session you’ll discover how Microsoft has redefined the corporate dining experience with a focus on sustainability and a lower carbon footprint.

Speakers: Mark Freeman

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