Johnson & Johnson APAC Real Estate Enabling the Business in a Hyper-Dynamic Region

How do you embrace and protect 130 years of decentralized management, yet leverage real estate as a key business service to drive growth in a hyper-dynamic region? Johnson & Johnson (J&J) moved from a decentralized real estate advisory group to an enterprise focused, globally deployed organization by transforming four key areas: Accountability, Authority, Funding, and Talent, underpinned by a strategic plan to drive the business forward. This transformation has enabled key growth drivers in the Asia Pacific region: Acquisitions, Divestitures, Site consolidations, and the transformation into world class workplace environments in our pursuit to be the healthiest company in the world. This discussion will focus on how the J&J real estate team enabled growth for the company in the Asia Pacific region, and leveraged these experiences as an example exported to J&J global.

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