Space as a Service: Alternative Models of Office Workspace Procurement

Technology has changed the way people work. The digitisation of the procurement and operation of workspace is democratising the market, offering choice and increasing speed to market. Recent JLL research shows that 75% of occupier searches for office space now start online. Tremendous changes are occurring as a result of the need for flexible leasing. This session will focus on a case study of AMEX in Kuala Lumpur, where the Instant Group has delivered an innovative space for 1,000 employees. This project which is the first of kind in Asia-Pacific examines how AMEX took a space, which then was leased and managed by The Instant Group on their behalf under a tri-partite agreement between the landlord, AMEX and Instant. The session will explore the challenges behind this process, the solution and whether it is part of a new dynamic between landlords and occupiers.

Speakers: Graham Brown, Kieran Gartshore, Kong Wan Long, Sean Lynch, and Jori Messer

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