Get Smart: Take Advantage of the Smart Cities

'Smart' cities, precincts, and buildings are drawing both tech companies and large corporations to specific locations, with many forces pulling in coworking space to join the party. Many are now looking to coworking space as the solution to flexible space for the more 'tech-focused' teams within their workforce who require the tech vibe. Digging deeper what does this mean for the rest of the portfolio? Research has shown that companies are using coworking space as a platform to drive innovation, secure access to talent pools and increase cost flexibility. What this also means is that CRE professionals of the same companies are now required to engage with a whole new suite of services related to coworking spaces. The opportunity for the next generation of CRE professionals now lies in curating clusters for their employees, clients and guests that integrate the human experience with data-driven services and smart technologies. The panel will debate the extent to which these changes in location and space provisions impact parts of their organizations, and the steps that should be taken for the remaining parts of their portfolio to reap the benefits of these 'smart' cities.

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