Step Aside Silicon Valley The Most Innovative PropTech Startups will come from Asia

Technology's ability to transform and turn an established industry upside down is both revered and feared. For many tech innovators and entrepreneurs, real estate represents the next big opportunity. Following the FinTech revolution, entrepreneurs and investors alike are looking to disrupt the real estate industry, sparking the rise of PropTech. Unlike trends seen in North America and Europe, PropTech can be seen in Asia as robustly differently due to the dynamics of the Asian property market. This is also due to a number of factors including the rapid growth of the real estate industry, the widespread adoption of smartphone technology, and the large pool of venture capital funds looking to invest in Asia. Research reveals that 61% of the US$7.9 billion invested in PropTech worldwide over the last four years has been in Asia. In this session, experienced CRE leaders as well as leaders from the tech industry discuss three key topics: their vision on how PropTech will impact the CRE world; up-and-coming types of property technologies; and the future of PropTech global hub locations.

Speakers: Anthony Couse, Ginny Eckblad, Steve Leonard, Francis Li, and Frank Rexach

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